Company's Profile

Name of Company Dynaflo Co.,Ltd.
Address 9-13, Koyama, 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President Yoichi Nishioka
Establishment March, 1967
Nature of Company Manufacture of diaphragm pumps.
Hand-operated and electromotive water purifier in readiness for an emergency as well as for outdoor use.
Paid Capital J - yen 30,000,000
1967 Nishioka industry Co.,Ltd. was founded.
Air operated diaphragm pumps were commenced manufacturing.
We were the forerunner to develop the air operated pumps(diaphragm pumps) in Japan.
1975 Dynaflo Co.,Ltd. was founded as a sales company of the said pumps.
1980 Export of air operated pumps to U.S.A and Europe started.
1985 Nishioka Industry Co.,Ltd. was annexed to Dynaflo Co.,Ltd.
1986 Capital tie-up with Hitachi Metal Co.,Ltd was made
1991 Capital tie-up with Hitachi Metal Co.,Ltd was dissolved.
1997 Hand-operated water purifier used in an emergency was developed and started the sales.
2000 Electromotive water purifier having fungicidal action by ultraviolet rays was developed.
Our Main Customers We have more than 50 customers representing Japan such as
Mitsubishi Heavy industries Co.,Ltd.,
Toyota Automobile Co.,Ltd., Bridgestone Co.,Ltd.,
Hitachi Ltd.,
Toshiba Corporation and Matsushita Electric Co.,Ltd.,
Fujitsu Co.,Ltd., NEC, etc.