List for material characteristic of wetted part

Abbreviation L C Z P T
Al cast iron Cast iron Stainless cast iron Polypropylene TeflonR
(AC-4C) (FC25) (SCS14) (P.P.) (PTFE)
Water resistance B D B B A
Oil resistance B B B B A
Acid resistance D D B B A
Alkali resistance D B B B A
Solvent resistance C D B B A
Heat resistance A A A C D
Price ratio 1 1.2 2 1.6 2.5-3.5
Light weight and affordable price.

Superior in abrasion resistance but inferior in corrosion resistance.

Superior in corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, but expensive.

Chemical resistance of P.P. is inferior to that of TeflonR.

Chemical resistance of TeflonR is excellent but the strength of TeflonR is inferior to that of P.P. Expensive. 

NOTE :   A :  Excellent    B :  Good   C :  Satisfactory   D :  not recommended