Performance Chart for Diaphragms

Abbreviation S U R T V
 Materials NeopleneR Nytrel HytrelR TeflonR VitonR
Standard Use  in high temperature Solid Standard Use in hight temperature
Water resistance B A A A A A -
Oil resistance B A A A A A -
Solvent resistance D D B D A B -
Acid resistance C C C B A B -
Alkali resistance B C B B A C -
Heat resistance C C B A D B A
Durability B B A A D C C
Price ratio (Approx.) 1 1 1.7 - 2 2.8 4
Features and Applications
Usable to Slightly acidic liquid and alkalescent liquid 

Oil resistance
Gasoline can be used
Excellent in durability
Equal to VitonR for chemical resistance
Use of acid liquid not recommended

Use of liquid upto 140°C (284 °F) possible
Usable to most of chemical liquids
Lack in duarability, discharge capacity and heat resistance

Heat resistance and chemical resistance
Lack in alkaliproof

Use of liquid upto 120°C (248°F) possible

NOTE    A : Excellent     B : Good      C : Satisfactory      D : Not recommended