Water Purifier  -Aquaflo-

The power is only a person's hand !

Small size and Light Weight (abt.5kgs) !

Performance doesn't change even if it is left for a long time !

It can be used for outdoors !

Making 2 liters per minute, over 1,000 liters from one unit !



  • First Stage Purification Filter
    At the suction opening of the pump, it removes algae and large floating matter by means of a resin fiber suction filter and coarse unwove cloth.
  • Second Stage Purification Filter
    A chemical fiber spool-type filter that removes floating matter larger than 5 microns including Algae, Rust, and Grains of sand, and protects the membrane.
  • Third Stage Purification Filter
    A Pleat-type membrane filter, same grade as used in generation pure water in the semiconductor industry, effectively filters and removes microbes and bacteria through its microscopic openings of 0.05 microns.  Furthermore, fibrous activated carbons are employed to absorb ionized toxic substances, and copper fiber filters and used for sterilication. All these arrangement combine to produce safe drinking water that meets most strict standards.