Compressed Air

Eliminate moisture and oil content in the compressed air to supply clean air without tampering.

Supply clean air eliminating moisture and oil content in the compressed air without foreign materials. (The end of pipe is likely to tamper such as oil and so on.)

Make sure to fix lubricator to the supply pipe to prevent switching failure from activating pump with a compressed air completely dehumidified.

Select the size of pipe and hose to enable air to pass over 25% than the usual required air as the air passing through pipe of pump is pulsating.

Fix an air regulator, if possible although an air inlet valve is attached to an air inlet port of pump.

Air consumption will vary depending on discharge.

Air consumption showing on the performance curves represents the air consumption which pump instantaneously consumes.

Required air consumption for the activation of pump varies depending on air pressure.

Fourfold air supply of pump discharge is required.

Handling Instructions

Vibration of pump must not be transmitted to the other pipes using hose or flexible tube in the suction port and discharge port.

    Ensure to fix the triple set (filter, regulator, lubricator) and bring the following items into action.
    • To clean air inlet port

    • To adjust air pressure

    • To lubricate switching part of pump

Warm up switching part with hot water or UV lamp, because exhaust air would cause it to freeze in wintertime.

Take note that the hose vibrates and squibs in case that suction and discharge are done by hose. (Pump will wear down.)

Adjust the depth of pipe not to remain liquid at the bottom of drum when it is used as a drum pump.

Use the materials of wetted part and diaphragm suitable for liquid you may use.
(Refer to the list of corrosion resistant materials for further details.)

Examine the diaphragm made from Teflon®§ per three months and the one made from elastomer once per six months.

Do not mix foreign matter sticking to diaphragm into the liquid you will use.

    Breakage of diaphragm may cause the following malfunction.
      = Leak from exhaust port
      = Air Leakage from discharge port
      = Irregular movement of both sides of pump
      = Stoppage of operation
    Breakage of pump with 2:1 may not cause leak.

Do not use the diameter or slurry pump in excess of the size prescribed by the specification.
This may become the source troubles. Make inquiries about what you do not understand.

§Teflon is a registered trade name of E.I.Dupont for its fluorocarbon resins.
Specifications and appearance features are subject to improvement without notice.